The Thrill of Victory and.....you know the rest.

Saturday was the Time, Kyoto Station was the Place, Team "YES WE CAN!" were the Players and Stairs were the Mission.
I am proud to report-



You know............kinda....sorta.

It's definitely true that We came, We saw and We conquered but it is perhaps even more factual to convey that about 63 other teams beat us to the Summit of this particular Man-made Mountain.
Hey! Cut Us a slackburger with cheese.
We were up against Olympic Gold Medalists and Professional Bicycle Racers with thighs that were as big as my waist so all in all I think We did about as well as can be reasonably expected and while We certainly didn't set or break any Records We (and everybody I think) had a BLAST!

What a Party!

If you happen to be in Kyoto next Feb. and are looking for a good time I can highly recommend this All Day Event.
There were Dancers, Drummers, Cheerleaders and TV cameras everywhere to go along with the great crowd who showed up to hoot and holler and at the very end we all got to partake in some DEElightful, DEElicious Sake from Fushimi.
No charge and Bottoms up!

Wait 'till Next Year!

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Knockin' on Heavens Door!

Well it's Feb. in this Ancient Capitol and that means−

1. It's COLD! Fact is it's snowing as I'm typing these words...oops......stopped.

2. It's time for the Annual Kyoto-Eki Daikaidan Kakegari Taikai (whew...say that 3 times fast)!

More simply put- The Kyoto Station Staircase Race!


Yes each and every year for over a decade now hundreds of local StairClimbing enthusiasts (maniacs) sprint from the bottom of those intimidating steps you see to your left to the very tip-top or die trying.


It's exactly 14 sets of stairs and 171 steps to everlasting Glory or crippling exhaustion, depending on how you look at it but you can't keep good Men and Women down so this '09 180 Teams have entered (you have to have a 4-person Team to qualify) which makes it exactly 720 Hardcore Challengers taking on the daunting task at foot this time around.

Why do we do it? Yea.....I wrote WE.

Why Not? What the Hell else you gonna do in Feb. around here besides wait for March?

Your Taxes?

Play with your Keitai?

Stare at the Boob Tube?

Search for Work?

Well we're gonna Run for Fun and enjoy this Saturday the 21st as much as is legally allowed!

Hey.....720 Elvis Fans can't be wrong!

And to all my Great and Good Friends who were too busy/chickenshit to join the Team- Thank you very, very little and see you at the Top.


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One Thousand Cranes

There is an ancient J-Land proverb which states that the building (folding, making?) of 1,000 cranes will grant the Builder any wish He/She desires.

Health, Wealth, Romance, Luck.....whatever. You get the picture.

Of course by Cranes they mean the Paper/Origami type.

The Crane (the bird, that is) is believed to have meta-physical/mystical Powers which can be called upon by Us mere mortals in times of need.

Nice idea, right... and you know we sure do need some just about everywhere.

Well around these parts lately I've been noticing a trend which may not be the slightest bit mystical but which I find nonetheless positive and encouraging in all ways Earthly and/or real. Behold.


Now I will grant you that this ain't precisely 1.000 cranes and these may not be the exact type of bird we may have all been hoping for as long as you grant me one minor concession-


And let me assure you that I found all of these within an easy 5-minute bike ride from my door and that is indeed a very tiny geographic portion of Kyoto proper my Friend!
Who knows how many more are in their Kyoto Flock.

Color me crazy (or any other color you may prefer) but I really feel like this is Good News and Good Fortune for this Great City and its Future!
Which is more than I can say for Dubai which currently looks like a 5-year old's X-Mas jigsaw puzzle (that is to say, only about halfway finished and not getting any closer) or Ground Zero.
It's been 7 long years and We haven't even laid a single brick or riveted a lone rivet.
President Obama?
I'll carry the heavy stuff if you need me.


I'm hoping (wishing) these Kyoto Cranes are part of the positive progress that will be tomorrow.


posted by Billy at 19:37 | Kyoto (Japan)




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