X-Mas in Japan

Yes it's that Happy Holiday time of the year and it reminds me of the question I'm often asked by my western friends-

"Do the Japanese celebrate Christmas"?

J-Landers certainly do!

But rather than show you pics of J-Land Yuletide festiveness (you can spot an excellent shot of this year's giant Kyoto Station X-Mas Tree over at Mio-chan's blog) I asked a few of the nice girls from our Kyoto office to share their Christmas presents with you to demonstrate the true and generous Spirit of the J-Land Holiday.

So here's Maya, Azu, Yua and Mizu-chan to give you a very special holiday greeting.

Yes I know that these fresh-faced, healthy young gals may not be the most attractive examples of J-Land femininity but let me assure you that each and every one of them has an excellent personality!
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