March Madness Begins

No...no, my Western Friends, not that B-Ball, NCAA, hoopin' style type M-Madness, I'm referring, of course, to that most wondrous (and touristastical) time of the year here in K-Land-

Cherry Blossom Season!


It's here, it's full of cheer, get used to it.

Team Kyoto was strolling the neighborhood on this recent lovely holiday Monday and, lo and behold, there were already some early bloomers starting to show their lovely colors.
Nothing too significant around these parts just yet, merely a few bright bursts of Spring Joy to delight the sparse showing of anxious shutterbugs already beginning to descend and stockpile their photographic Sakura libraries.

But get ready because if it ever stops raining this week the armies of the day will certainly begin their march in an unquenchable thirst for all things blossoming.

Crowds, cameras and Cheery Blossom Parties are on the way Kids so saddle up enjoy the ride!

posted by Billy at 15:17 | Kyoto (Japan)




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