Another Day at the Beach...

Well, sorry K-Fans but President Obama (my fellow Yankees may refer to him as the ObamaLama*) recently got me on the horn and requested that Team Kyoto jet down Okinawa way to assist in any way possible in alleviating any lingering tensions that may yet exist between our 2 great Nations.
(You may or may not have heard but due to reasons both historical and present-day, it appears that certain Americans in Uniform are much less than welcome on the Island)

So our elite Team of Negotiaters flew down to shake hand, slap backs, pour drinks and smooth any ruffled feathers but I'll be damned if we could make any headway despite, or perhaps because of, our best efforts so we got tired of banging our heads against the wall and decided instead to hit the Beach!


Sure The Prez was less than pleased to hear the news but he's just so damn cool he took it in stride and assured me he wouldn't hold it against us.

At least I think he did.....

We frolicked, snorkeled, bodysurfed and generally made merry before repairing to some of OkiWowa's finest Izakayas and downing heroic amounts of Orion beer and Awamori shochu.

We also motored over to a tiny spit of sand off the shore for some private beach time.


This is the Big Island from there.


What can I say.....
If you can't have fun over there...

Check your pulse 'cuz you may be dead.

And I also got to meet

The Girl from Okinawa!

dee de dee, dee deee de dee dee de, dee dedee,,,c'mon you know the song.

All's well that ends well!

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Mt. Ibuki...Suki!

Well last Monday was an absolutely glorious Summer Day around these parts and it also happened to be one of many unique National Holidays in J-Land- Ocean Day!

So what did our Elite Trio of Kyoto Kommandos decide to do for this salty Sea celebration?

Why...climb a Mountain, of course.
Specifically this one.

(a view from the road)

This is Mt. Ibuki (Ibukiyama to you) and for the uninformed this intimidating cloudbuster, topping off at 1377m, is the highest peak in the Kansai area and an inviting challenge for local hikers and outdoorsmen of all ages, genders and stripes and last holiday Monday with its spectacular weather surely brought out some of the best.
If you Happy Travellers out there happen to be feeling fresh, strong and in need of some clean, cool mountain air to go along with some very, very vigorous exercise then look no further. About an hour from Kyoto by train and bus (we roadtripped in our hi-tech Kommandomobile) it's always best to start at the beginning and this is it.


Pleasant, smallish, traditional and unassuming this peaceful welcome to your climb will doubtless add a smile to your pack and a bounce to your stride.
Our Crew met a group of Seniors here who were full of good cheer and words of encouragement as we said goodbye then bent our backs into the trail, bursting with enthusiasm and pumping energy along with our elbows.

About 90 mins, later we straggled, weary and ready to drop, at what, for my money, was the real beginning of the hike so if you've made it here.......
you've just begun, my Friend!


Yea it says 880m which surely is more than halfway there, but as we dropped our packs, chugged our water and collapsed at the rest stop we were forced to crane our necks up and squint our eyes as we attempted to locate the the teeny, tiny specks of humanity that were our fellow climbers nearing the peak.
I realized at this point that what we had done so far was simply a lovely uphill stroll in the forest compared with what we had in front our our rapidly sobering, novice faces and feet.

But we soldiered on (along with everyone else) and tackled the more challenging 2nd half of the hill (while enjoying copious water breaks) before fighting our way up the most challenging final steep, harsh, rocky, rocky path to the finish line.
Did I just type soldiered, tackled and fighting?
I meant- wheezed, hung on, and struggling.

(the previous pic was looking up, this is looking straight down at where we were)

So as we gratefully, finally, after around 3 and 1/2 hrs of pleasure/pain, reached the peak, this being J-Land, what were we greeted by you may not be asking?

Why, mobs of tourists, crowds of sight-seers, clusters of food stands, beer stalls and souvenier shops and all manner of J-Land Holiday thrill seekers of course.
Well, to go along with a grand panoramic view of Lake Biwa and all of Kansai!

(if you look reeeaaaal close you can see my house)

And the Ice Cream was DeeeeeeLiiiiiCiousssssss!

Turns out you can take the back door and actually drive all the way to the top, park in the spacious parking lot then stroll around at your leisure and snap photos with your friends family, GF's, BF's or perfect strangers.

Who knew?


We got down in around 2 plus tough hours but along the way we spotted a group of guys who had figured out the best way to get down the Hill!


Mountain breezes just don't get any cooler than that and they got skiing in the winter too!

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Love Shack, Bay-a-Beeee!

Yes, it's hot, it's steamy, sultry, sweaty so you must be in the mood for.....


So in our continuous quest to locate the Perfect Palace of Passion, Team Kyoto recently stumbled across-



Basically directly North of Sanjo and due East of Shirakawa this somewhat upscale rendezvous make take a few minutes of twists and turns and a false start or two before you actually arrive on its private, somewhat secluded shores but will likely be just what your Doctor ordered at a price that is proper for your whopper.
She will undoubtably feel relaxed, refreshed and pleasantly pleased by Sari's comfortable yet refined elegance and You will certainly enjoy the relative splendor of the Hotel's almost luxurious beds set inside their mostly spacious, tastefully decorated rooms allowing maximum freedom and plenty of space to stretch out after you two do the voodoo that you do so well.

One very special attraction for you TV Fans-
The Hotel offers the standard list of J-Land AV (Adult Video) Channels (in case you lack creativity or just need a breather) but also provides the intriguing bonus of an all Jules Jordan Channel!
For those in the dark J. Jordan is an All-American Porn Producer(and sometimes Performer) and, in our Research Team's humble opinion, his production Company currently makes the very highest quality Entertainment available in today's, admittedly shallow, ocean of Adult Spice.
Gonzo (no storylines), Natural lighting, Fun Fetish Gear, Beeyooooteeful Girls, and good, clean (dirty?) All-American Fun are the ingredients in the Jordan oeuvre and they consistently deliver the Baddest of Bads that ought to put at least some ideas into your naughty little minds and some spark into your.....hearts.


Don't know how or why the Management at Sari choose this channel for your particular pleasure but, WELL DONE Sirs!


The Hotel also has a fairly extensive Menu and they will deliver to your doorstep promptly but I might suggest enjoying your Dinner before you arrive as the food is average in every way.
It won't knock the smile off your face but.....why take chances.

I you happen to be driving they offer a spacious, free-of-charge parking lot and if you're hiking they have three (3) convenient, and very private, entrances.

Beat that Heat with some of your own Boom-Boom!

Summer.....Love, it doesn't get any better.

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