Well Sports Fans, I woke up this lovely Chiba Sunday to discover that some of the best Surfers in the world had decided to use my backyard for their playground.
The Event?

The Billabong Tsurigasaki Pro Surfing Championship


So I shoved some eggs in my face, whipped up a thermos full of hot Joe, jammed my camera in my pocket and hustled over to my neighborhood Beach to catch the action and there was no shortage of it.
Damn fine of those Surfer Boys to share their skills with the Locals and mad S-K-I-L-L-S were indeed required in order to be out on the water today because the surf was rough, unpredictable, uncooperative and sometimes downright nasty so hats off to everyone who braved the waves, fought the tide and rode the ride!

A damn near typhoon had blown past the day before and consequently come Showtime the surf was still stirred up and ready to rumble but the Men from OZ were more than equal to the task (placing 3 of the 4 finalists although American Surfer Edrick Baldwin made a heroic effort in the quarters and semis) before Aussie SurfStud Davey Cathel finally took home the trophy and the sweet $12.000 that went with it.

I don't know much about Surfing.....
but Brothers and Sisters, I'd say everybody on a board earned it today.

Arigato and Omedeto to the Australians and all those riders of the wild waves!

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Mo' Chiba!

Well Faithful Readers (all 3 of Us) it has been said that all good things must come to an end and so, adhering to that ancient wisdom, last week I bid a bittersweet farewell to K-Town and everyone in its confines then hit the road (actually boarded the Shinkansen) and made haste to the Land of CHIBA!

Why, you're probably not asking?

What are you a f*****g Detective?

CHIBA, Baby c'mon.......just say it 5 times fast and it makes sense, hell it rolls off your tongue like ice cream and bounces past your lips like a juicy burst of deliciousness & Love!


YOU know what you're feeling, I know what you're feeling, it's all good and you know you want some...ne.

Anyway the new HQ is ever so slowly organizing with all hands on deck reporting for Duty thus I thought that for today, in the midst of the chaos, I'd just share a quick vid of the new Neighborhood and some of my new Mr. Rogers neighbors so I walked 7 mins from my door, reached into my pocket and shot this.

Not quite Kyoto anymore Boys & Girls but.......

Once more into the breech!
(or should that be "beach")?

Anyway, you're there, I'm here, surf's up and the breezes are CHILLY.

Come on Up!


posted by Billy at 18:07 | Kyoto (Japan)




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