Out of the Blue...Into the Black

Art turns me on.

I don't know exactly why or how but every once upon a star you walk into a room and it just grabs by the heart and squeezes.

So yesterday I strolled over to Galerie H2O,P1000718.JPG


tip-toed through the entrance and slipped into a dream.

The Goods were supplied by a Kyoto Artist/Woman whose work you may have already seen even if you didn't know it. She's shown her work in Tokyo, designed supercool covers for the Ipod, splashed a Tour Bus with her visions and favored several Gion hotspots with large pieces that make you feel cool just by sitting in front of them.
Do yourself a solid and take a look.


Something about her work both calms and arouses me in a way that makes me feel happy to be alive and hungry for more.
She makes me see things more clearly and want to look more closely and, for me at least, that is no small mountain to climb but please see for yourself and enjoy.


The Bad News?
This particular exhibit is about to close (Sunday, 8th) so sorry for the late heads-up but if it makes you feel any better I got robbed too. I missed what I heard was a kicking Opening Party (F *****g duty called) and barely managed to make it yesterday.
Yet make it I did but, as with all things natural and beautiful, of course photos are at best a poor substitute for the Real Thing so if you want to feel your blood pump a little bit faster or light a fire in your mind then stop in and soak up the soul. P1000728.JPG

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