Hi-Speed Momiji!

It is indeed O-Hanami Season (Cherry Blossom) here in K-Town and of course this means-

Crowds, Cameras and Picnics everywhere!

So this vid is for the ADD Generation and for all those who want just a sneak peek at this most popular time of the year. I, myself, have but one small request.

Let's play a Game!

See if you can spot-

1. The Crazy Lady with the Sun Parasol

2. Watch out for the Gloomy Girl

3. Casual Foursome lunching with drinks

4. The Solo Book Lover (God bless her)

5. 11 bicycles parked at the side of the road and not 1 but 2 groups of Students making the most of their fast-fading freedom.


7. A lonesome party waiting to happen.

8. Hi Girls! Shy Girls.

9. The lone cyclist taking pictures of me taking pictures. (No unusual sight at this touristic time of year)

10. 2 (count 'em) Cute Girls chillin' with beverages.

11. 1 couple falling in Cherry Blossom Love!

Viddy well, My Brothers.....Viddy well!

posted by Billy at 15:13 | Kyoto (Japan)