O-Hanami Nirvana at Heian Jingu

I swear to you I'm really not the biggest Cherry Blossom Fan around these parts but I was simply blinded by the beauty that was bursting all over the breathtaking Garden inside Heian Shrine this 4/09/09.


They call it the Benishdare Concert 2009 (benishdare being a type of particularly lovely Cherry blossom) and it extends through Sunday. Yes, Concert. The Classic piano, cello and shakuhachi (traditional J-Flute) Trio, Kobudo, performed this entrancing Thurday night and if the combination of enchanting Music and Nature's Finest gets any better than this than I, and you, are truly in for one heavenly treat but this night was more than enough to satisfy my senses and then some.


Yes, ticketholders (about \2000) were anxiously lining up to file in about 1 hour 45 minutes before the 1st note was played and, of course, cameras of every conceivable variety were ubiquitous but the overall vibe, I must say, was quite calm and comfortable if somewhat crowded but then, you see, this is Sakura Season in Kyotoville.

Our K-Squad laid back nice and easy then breezed in fashionably late and with absolutely no wait (so make up your own minds how you want to play it) and proceeded to indulge in the bounty of blossoming Nature that was surrounding our every step.


The Night air was gentle and soothing ...
the Moon bright and full...
the Crowds were kind and the Music delightful, a perfect fit for an otherwise perfect evening.

I also noted an abundance of single young men (and some older) strolling the grounds with beaming GF's clutching their arms and squeezing their hands while those lovlies were blissfully smiling from ear to lovely ear and I'm pretty sure that if you asked those guys today they (like me) could faithfully testify-


posted by Billy at 17:42 | Kyoto (Japan)