That's All Folks!

Spring has indeed been sprung like a jailbreak and, along with its many virtues, this means that O-Hanami Season has officially closed the doors, rolled up the sidewalks, turned out the lights, hopped into bed and set the alarm for Next Year.

How short and sweet she was!

Yet this is no time for tears or remorse but rather it is cause for some celebration because this surely means that Summer is on the train and rolling towards us just as fast as it can bringing the heat along with mini-skirts, high-heeled sandals, tiny tops and Hot Love for every single (and I mean single) girl or woman you see.......everywhere.

So let's all of Us lucky, lucky K-Towners take a final moment to bid a fond farewell to the lovely, gracious and gentle time that was this Spring in all its glory.

So long, Beautiful.....
See Ya' next year!
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posted by Billy at 14:37 | Kyoto (Japan)