May the Road Rise with You.....

How does one sum up 10 years of a Man's Life?

Words are inadequate...

Thanks are thin...

Reviews inappropriate.

And then it happens and we must all face the future together and alone as our new hand is dealt.


Well last Tuesday night we did our level best to express our gratitude to our comrade-in-arms, now moving on to a brighter tomorrow, and attempt to demonstrate our thanks for a decade of dedicated service, invaluable labor and faithful teamwork including all the blood, sweat and tears that building a future brick by brick entails.

Doubtless we came up short but we tried.

We gathered at Sekaiya, http://www.manzara.co.jp/sekaiya/index.html

one heckava decent joint, where Wine was poured (and gulped if you believe the rumours), beer chugged, delicious food gratefully consumed,


cigarettes inhaled and wry smiles exchanged.

Greg-kun treated us all to an illuminating dissertation on the use/usage of English colloquialisms, Our Fearless Leader moved us all with a speech that hit you in the heart, we had at least one lovely girl in our midst and the Man of the Hour stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run.

Farewells are bittersweet and perhaps best remembered rather than performed.

Or as that eternal Roman Marcus Aurelius wrote-

"all that is of the body as coursing waters, all that is of the soul as dreams and vapors"

Thanks K-Man.

posted by Billy at 14:58 | Kyoto (Japan)