Shinkansen Sushi!

Of course by now most of the entire planet has heard of, seen or actually tasted Japan's perhaps most popular contribution to the Wide World of Fast Food- Revolving Sushi!- but have you experienced this unique little update in its delivery system?

Yes Train Buffs, Model Maniacs, Sushi Lovers and Children of All Ages can now gleefully wait for their personal orders to arrive by Shinkansen. Express!

Team Kyoto stopped in recently to load up on fresh fish fuel and we were so universally delighted with and mezmerized by the recent advances made over at Kappa Sushi (located at the intersection of Sanjo/Kawaramachi and difficult to miss) that we went a bit crazy and gorged as we eagerly kept our eyes peeled for our Express Orders.
It's a very simple system and all one has to do is operate the easy-to-use touch screen pictured here
to place a special order then wait for your grub to zip directly to your table as if by some techno-magical minor miracle.

Big Fun and Good Eats!

A Word to the Wise- Kappa Sushi is not fine dining. I suspect most everyone visits (and when I say most everyone I mean it as you're very liable to see old folks, teenagers, families, couples on dates, J-natives and numerous foreigners alike digging in) to get their grub on and chow down on the decent and decently fresh sushi and sundries then hit the door with a bellyful of protein and a bill that harms no budgets (one plate=2 pcs sushi=\110).
So if you want high quality sushi, romantic atmosphere or you wish to impress your guests, go somewhere else!

If you want to eat hearty and healthy, witness smiles of universal contentment and enjoy the continuous delight of any shorties travelling in your party then come on down.

The apres sushi carnage.

J-folks do it right!
posted by Billy at 12:24 | Kyoto (Japan)