Cheap Eats!

Summer has most definitely arrived in all its hot steamy glory and so it's BBQ Season once again and here in K-Land that means Yaki-Niku!
Now like many a popular dish in Japan there is an awesome variety to choose from in terms of menu and quality in this Nation of food crazed Maniac diners but in deference to the Economic Depression (it's OK...we can call it what it is) Team Kyoto decided to seek out some of the more affordable options.

This week we discovered Jonetsu Horumon! (Passionate Meat? And keep the jokes to yourself)P1000073.JPG

Conveniently located a stones throw East of of Demachiyanagi Station on the Keihan Line (and yes...that is an exact distance calculation as I literally picked up a rock and threw it Easterly thus striking the front door of the establishment) and waiting to serve you Jonetsu has the BBQed goods for carnivores of every persuasion with a hunger for hot beef on a slim budget.

Don't be shy because the graciously young (20's) energetic Staff sure ain't!

You'll be enthusiatically greeted outside the door, inside the entrance and at your table before being bid a grateful farewell and a “Y'all come back now!” on your way out and they don't spare the smiles!

Yes J-Folks enjoy their BBQ indoors as well as out and the set-up may be a tad bit different from what most Westerners might expect (they serve, you grill) but just go with the flow and you'll find yourself on a heavenly wave of culinary delight heading for a satisfying shore.


Jonetsu is a large chain and this particular franchise only recently opened (perhaps accounting for the almost giddy service) but why look a gift horse in the mouth? (and don't forget to snag a free 10% off coupon on your way in)P1000071.JPG

Just order plenty, man the grill and get your grub on with no fear of bad news on the bill to come because there just won't be any.

Yes it's perhaps safe to say that JH isn't for bovine connoisseurs and you can likely find a higher grade of choice cow in many a finer establishment but if you're looking for a bellyfull of hot, juicy goodness and some lip-smacking, knuckle-cracking satisfaction then you need search no further.
Family, Friends, Dates or Parties, Come One, Come All 'cuz at Jonetsu they're cocked, locked and ready to rock.

And you won't have to break the bank as you bend your elbow!

Team Kyoto and I sat down to our meaty feast and dug in washing it down with Lemon Chu-Hi (try it, you'll like it) and ice cold beer (otherwise known as “a Gift from the Gods”) then ever so slowly made our exit where we received the real treat that followed dessert.

The check was a refreshing breath of economic relief and we hit the streets grinning like we stole something with cash burning a hole in our pockets, most likely you will too!


Get it while the beef is hot and the cash cold!

If you can beat that I want to know how.

And where.
posted by Billy at 16:40 | Kyoto (Japan)