In Japan it is a somewhat common belief that to see a spider in the morning is Good Luck, to see one at night...not so much.

If this holds true Team Kyoto and I must be in for some Hellacious great fortune.

Yes, yesterday morning (alright....very late morning.....ok...ok, early afternoon) I was sawing logs most fitfully when I was abruptly awoken by the panicked shrieks of 1/3rd of Team Kyoto who happened to be out on the balcony enjoying the morning air when greeted by our new cellie.


It seems a friendly neighborhood spider had taken residence on our veranda and so I was promptly yanked from my blissful slumber and immediately drafted into spider removal duty.

Fearing not I stomped onto the porch confidently expecting some thumbnail-size creepy crawly but was instead introduced to this arachnid behemoth.


Like the guy from "Jaws" my initial thought was,

"We're gonna need a bigger boat."

I have no idea what type of Kyoto flies Jumbo here was eating but Brother he was well fed, fat and sassy!


Well after a frantic chase and an unfortunate loss of a couple of his limbs I managed somehow to corral this monster and snap a pic before I released him into the distant (and I mean very distant) Wild.
The mornings' excitement was complete when during the capture he sank a wicked bite into me so the News for today is that sometime in the very near future I fully expect to have the approximate strength and speed as well as the wall-crawling and web-spinning abilities of my formerly 8-legged freaky friend.

LOOK OUT..............here comes the K-SpiderMan!
posted by Billy at 15:30 | Kyoto (Japan)