Politics- The J-Way!

Although I am loathe to bring up such a dirty subject (and in danger of putting the mixi/myspace/facebook Generation asleep) I have to mention that the BIG ELECTION is coming up next week and J-Politics as we now know it may experience a veritable earthquake of change (or is it CHANGE) as the elemental plates of power are slowly but steadily shifting over here along with the patient dispositions of many a Japanese Citizen/Voter.


Or.....you know...at least as mad as the average Joe gets around these parts.

Case in point-

As you may have observed this Communist Stump Wagon (Yes...they have them here) was met squarely on this lovely Sunday afternoon with what I've also experienced head-on when discussing politics in this part of the planet.

Polite apathy?
Mild disregard?
Vague disinterest?

But change is on the way whether we or they like it or not (how's 4 different PM's in 4 years sound?) so hold onto your hats then vote early and often.

In defense of my Kyoto constituency, however, I have to lay part of the blame for the comatose reaction to the campaigning of these particular Pols on their own logistical braincramp.

You're at least halfway down the block from every exit of one of the busiest Train Stations in central Kyoto (Sanjo/Kehan) facing away from the nearest sidewalk with your backs turned to any curious passerby while purposely blasting your ear-splitting exhortations across 6 lanes of hi-speed traffic moving in both directions with the nearest potential voter positioned on the opposite side of this deadly barrier as he/she strains to ignore you and you were expecting what now?

Whoever set this gig up must be working for the other team.

posted by Billy at 10:07 | Kyoto (Japan)