The People have Spoken!

And the Winner is.....

The Citizens of Japan.

No, that was no earthquake felt over here last night but it was a seismic shift of historic proportions in the political geography of Japan as dissatisfied Voters turned out in record numbers, 69% of the voting populace, to let the long standing ruling Party (the LDP in power since '55) get a taste of their frustration as they hammered away at the ballot boxes, pounding out their crystal clear message and fellow foreigners let me assure you they did not pull any punches!

I personally visited a polling place and my head was spinning as I tried to keep track of everyone filing in and out but it was damn easy to keep track of the smiles because there weren't many on display.


The DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan) was swept into the drivers seat in an overwhelming landslide as they captured a clear Majority of seats in the J-Parliment and can now exercise their will as they see fit while the LDP, and soon-to-be-former PM Taro Aso, retreat to the kids table to lick their many, many wounds.
Of course numerous theories are and will abound as to the reason/reasons for this fundamental realignment in J-Politics but I think it just comes down to the average Japanese citizen's desire for a choice and a change. You may be familiar with the dream of Change as it was something of a buzzword back in the USA recently when Americans picked a New Guy (name's Obama) for President.

Over on this side of the pond I get the distinct feeling that most folks had no great affection for any of their candidates but they did have a strong and very healthy distaste for the decades old political status quo.
Disappearing pensions, a basket full of scandals and various shenanigans while losing your job (and watching your neighbor lose his) will sometimes have that effect on a normally complacent person with a ballot in his fist.

Yesterday a mandate was presented to the DPJ by the Good People of Japan and the ball is very clearly in their court so let's see what they do with it or, if you're up to it, roll up our sleeves and pitch in.
There's gonna be a new Sheriff in town and his name is Hatoyama-san!

Let the Good Times Roll!
posted by Billy at 15:15 | Kyoto (Japan)