Food's Tight, Drink's Right, Money...Light!

If you and your Party happen to be prowling around the tremendously popular, densely populated, laid-back, hyped-up Sanjo/Ohashi/Pontocho area with dry throats and growling bellies then here's a helpful hint that will definitely satisfy both needs as you fill up your tank with dee-licious food accompanied by very Adult drinks without breaking the bank before you blast off into your Kyoto Evening Mission.



For the hungry, thirsty, weary wanderer ISSIAN offers a number of attractive features to go along with its alluring entrance and quite convenient location.

Chief among these is, of course, the FOOD!P1000714.JPG

Ishiyaki translates roughly as Stone-Grill Cooking and that's how they do it up right at ISSIAN.
After you place your order (they offer a slew of Beef, Pork, Veggie and sundry options but Chicken is a house specialty that was especially lip-smacking good) your friendly (and timely) waiter will be back in a flash with the Goods to get your grill, your grub and your Good Time started.
Following that He won't appear unless you wish him to (and then he'll pop up like a Magic Genie) and you are pretty much on your own to enjoy the stone-grilled juicy delights along with your ice-cold beverages.P1000708.JPG

Have it your Way!

Next on the list of very strong points- The Drinks!

What did you say you had a taste for? Because if it's in the Adult Beverages Department ISSIAN's got it.
Wine. whiskey, Chu-hi (try it), Shochu (ditto), Sake or just plain old-fashioned Brew (personal fave around now) they got it.....and Yes, my Friend, you read that price list correctly so your next decision will probably be when to stop 'cuz your wallet will be cheering you on-GO, GO, GO!

Next up for my Touristic Amigos- If you're feeling a bit beat down by culture shock or suffering from sensory overload ISSIAN generously offers easy-reading menus in English (go ahead) as well as friendly Ego-speaking staff (talk to Ken-san P1000717.JPGbut try not to bend his ear too much as he is trying to work) who will easily guide you through any rough spots or patiently answer any of your questions.

Last but certainly not least- The atmosphere is relaxed, efficient and comfortable yet gracious enough for Dates (indeed there were 3 young couples digging in when we sat down) and friendly enough for families or small (maybe 4,5 max) parties. I can't think of anyone who couldn't enjoy their particular groove so don't be afraid to pop in and plop down for a marathon grub, chug and growl. P1000695.JPG
Time's flying!

Interesting Sidenote- Last week was actually the 2nd time I've indulged in their fare. The 1st being one of the luckiest nights of my Life in J-Land and hey.....Don't we all need a little luck around now?

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