Welcome to Ramen Season!

Congratulations World-Travelers because if you've arrived on these shores about now then you're just in time to bask in the near-perfection of J-Land's end-of-summer climate.
Comfortably warm during the bright, sunshiney days without a lick of humidity and blissfully cool when the Sun hits the horizon, bringing us absolutely perfect sleeping (or anything else) weather.

And, for this K-Ranger, along with these cooler climes comes the ever fresh satisfaction of a hot, steamy bowl of Ramen to make you feel good all over before your date with Mr. SandMan.

So my annual quest for the Ramen goods begins anew, praise all!

And this Saturday night the Quest brought Team Kyoto to-


Now, a little Ramen background for the uninitiated.
A quick poll of my J-Friends recently confirmed the consensus that a proper bowl of Ramen should be 3 things-


A side order of Gyoza is optional but preferred, the price must always be reasonable and conversation while chowing down should be kept to an absolute minimum.
This is Ramen Nirvana.
All other aspects of the dining experience (decor, service, presentation, etc.) do not, and should not, disrupt this essential formula.

In other words.......FOOD HEAVEN!

So, adhering to these criteria, Daiichi-Ashahi scores a touchdown and does the dance, Baby!

Located on Takakura-dori, just south of Shiokoji-dori and about a 3 minute stroll directly east of Kyoto Station, DA delivers the Goods with rapid-fire speed and a tasty, tasty payload that won't even scratch your wallet.

Be warned- This is NOT a no-frills Ramen Shop...this is a NEGATIVE-FRILLS Ramen Shop. This lean, clean Ramen machine is stripped to the bone and built for your belly, not your eyes.
You will be expected to grab your seats, talk fast, catch your grub, work those sticks, snag a toothpick, pay up and then leave immediately because there will be desperately hungry Ramen aficionados waiting for your spot.
The only promise DA delivers is delicious chow, all other bets are off.
If you don't feel comfortable in this type of environment then don't go 'cuz at DA you're expected to lead, follow or get out of the way!

Having established that, personally, I think the Average Joe/Jane should be able to hack it as on Saturday I saw every conceivable type of K-Towner in attendance, with their faces tucked gratefully into their bowls, from your Hi-Powered Business Man with the $3000 tailored suit to your teenage, bleached blonde, wanna-be hip-hopper with baggy jeans hanging off their ass to any and every type in between.
Everybody happy, comfy and very busy eating!

Hours are 4pm- 2am.

Got a taste for something good?
Had a few too many and want to fill up on something great before you hop on the train or crash for the night at your hotel?

Don't bother dipping your toes........
Just dive in, Brothers and Sisters, the Ramens's FINE!

posted by Billy at 16:07 | Kyoto (Japan)