Sunshine, Smiles, Singing and Veggies too!

Sunday broke open like a final grand gift from the Gods of Summer (who are heading out of town with their golf clubs around now) and along with the wonderfully warm inviting weather came.....


Please don't ask me why (I'm a dedicated carnivore myself) but Team Kyoto did indeed make an appearance, strolling through the crowded but happy waves of the organically righteous Armies of the Sunlight.
Uniform of the day? Blue jeans, t-shirts, hemp genie pants (harem pants?) for both boys and girls, shoes were definitely optional and I didn't see a slick chick rocking high-heels all day (trust me, no small miracle there).

We sampled the wares here and there (coffee,, great, cake... much less so) and that was no mean feat because there were some serious lines of all-natural vegg-hunters everywhere and business was booming!
So much so that a friend of mine at one of the booths told me that they had completely sold out of food around Noon.

A brief sketch of the day's events-

A J-Land meditation hawker pinned me in a crowd and delivered a touchingly earnest spiel (in absolutely flawless English) espousing the merits of her particular philosophy, finishing with an invitation to their tent (ahhh...Cults. The desperate, lost and lonely searching for answers to all the Big Q's) for a free sample of same.

There were bands, dancers, magicians, games and for the walking weary a very decently priced (\300) Foot Massage to soothe those barking dogs.

Along with organic beer and a taste of sultry Sangria!

I have to say that a Good Time was seemingly enjoyed by all but I gotta tell you something..........


I searched high, low and in-between with a wad of cash burning a hole in my pants and I spotted Veggies everywhere but I'll be damned if I ever did figure out where it was that they were selling the PEACE.

posted by Billy at 18:36 | Kyoto (Japan)