Undercover Ramen...and then some!

It's So long, Farewell, Adios and Goodbye to Summer and a hearty, healthy welcome to Fall around this vicinity as the thermometer drops with the Sun (out of the teens this week and into single digits next or about 63 and down to 43 for you Farenheiters) but no longer perks up much during the day.

Stow those t-shirts and bust out them sweaters!

Ladies...you may now conscientiously doff those black leather, knee-high, spike-heeled boots you've been itching to strut and thank you so much for maintaining that mini-skirt.

As for this K-Ranger, Ramen hunting season continues full steam ahead!

And this week Team Kyoto went deep undercover and infiltrated


a combination Teshoku (traditional set meal) and Yaki-niku (BBQ) place that also serves a damn decent bowl of hot, fresh and satisfying Ramen to warm those old bones and soothe that growling belly.

Now I wrote undercover because, hungry Brothers and Sisters, if you can find Min your first time around then you're a better man than me. They don't have a website and I don't think a phone call or a map would neccesarily help in this case (I used to live an easy 5 min. walk from there and I never saw it or knew it existed) so dig out your satellite-tracking GPS's, your night-vision goggles, your guts and you may also want to leave a trail of glow sticks behind you just in case.

Basically it's due North of Nijo-Dori and just West of Jusco but it will probably be easier to just follow your nose and listen to your stomach.

But if and when you discover this Top Secret Hideout you will definitely be glad you did.
A modestly priced (starting around \650) all purpose eatery that will certainly have something for everyone, Min offers a rather extensive menu amid a humble and friendly atmosphere.

It's a One-Woman Show so if you're in a hurry you're probably in the wrong place because nobody else will be.
I've been there twice and both times the clientele seems to lean towards neighborhood working men and families with kids but anyone with patience and a discerning palette should be able to relax and enjoy. Probably not an ideal Date place (unless she likes delicious food more than trendy decor) but an excellent choice for chilling, grubbing and knocking a few back with friends and your tab will be JapanEasy!

Don't forget the Chu-Hi!P1010045.JPG

Interesting sidenotes- Your English will be about as useful as your credit card, which is to say not at all, so you'd be best advised to leave both at home and try out your Nihon-go or bring someone who can savvy the lingo or, as always, smile, point and let the Master Lady do the driving.
While chatting with the Master on a brief break between duties she informed the Team that even some neighborhood people don't know about them although they've been in business at the same site for 40 years.

Now you know if they been slinging great hash for 4 Decades in this Food crazy City then the Goods got to be MMM-MMMMM GOOD!

Seek and Ye shall find!

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