Sunday, blissful Sunday

Who was that whining about the chilly weather last week? Oh.....me?

Well then let's just strike the question and move on with our grateful celebration of the glorious gift that was Sunday here in K-Town.
Yes, an absolutely sublime Summer breeze blew back to Us all carrying energizing warmth as it lifted the smiles of just about everyone I passed on that lovely day. Not to be outdone, the Sun showed up on time, at full power and for the duration as She toasted us all with yet more inviting, invigorating warmth and healthful vitamin D!

If you happened to be a burglar you must've had a very leisurely days work 'cuz I don't think ANYBODY stayed home yesterday and if you did then my sympathies are all yours.
Families, Couples, Singles, Seniors, Juniors and In-Betweeners, I guess just about every upright body (and even some not so) in the vicinity got out and basked in the beauty, which was very, very beautiful.

These two Good Kids kind of captured the spirit of the wonderful Sunday Joy.
But a warning to my Touristic Friends-


Those rollicking, winged warriors are called Tonbi (species name Milvus migrans lineatus, maximum wingspan about 3 1/2 feet) and they patrol the River at all times searching for easy pickings and oblivious victims.
If you decide to picnic Riverside sometime then my sincere advice to you is-
Keep your eyes on the skies!
Or you may have your goods snatched from your hands in the time it takes you to blink as you watch your lunch fly away to provide a meal to a hungry Hawk Family.

I guess these two thrill-seekers (the other species in the frame, called Homo sapiens and they can be found pretty much everywhere) just decided to cut to the chase and went the direct action route as they shared their grub and got to watch the nifty display of aerial acrobatics. Not a bad exchange I'd say.

Other folks got their kicks in other ways I'm sure but let's not kid ourselves...
Kicks were gotten!

This Old-Timer doffed his waders and his fishing pole and tried his luck as the younger kids kicked back and eased into falling in love.

Personally I happened to be on my way to the salt mines and was running fast and hard.

Hey...somebody's got to do it.

Yep, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good but I'll take either one around now and Sunday was both!

posted by Billy at 13:41 | Kyoto (Japan)