The Armies of the Day

A rather pleasant Fall season has peacefully settled in K-Town recently bringing with it the perennial lush beauty of Koyo (Autumn's changing colors) and the accompanying mobs of camera-wielding Fall fanatics tirelessly pointing and snapping at everything in sight.

Yes it's your basic Good News/Bad News situation.


Here's a Sunday shot of SHINNYODO, one of K-Town's more popular spots for Momiji (leaf viewing) and I guess there were more cameramen crawling around the place on that fair Sunday than busy bees on a dripping honeycomb.

Like most things Japan the J-Folks take their Fall holidays seriously along with a tripleshot of expresso energy to power their plans and pepper their schedules.
Of course I joined in (camera in fist) but was hopelessly overcome by the waves of hungry eyes/lenses and so basically I went with the flow and was carried along the touristic tide, a not altogether unpleasant sensation but something you may want to prepare for if you decide to venture out with friends or cameras in hand.

Somewhat strangely of all the hundreds and hundreds of blissed-out visitors I was one of the very few Westerners in attendance (indeed I counted only 2 others, all of us being about as hard to spot as a polar bear on a sandy beach) and I guess I'd consider that fact as good news as we neither created any stir nor received any undue attention that I perceived but were merely and easily swallowed up then stirred gently into the day's happy mix.

The Monks running the Temple had a nifty parade followed by a swell ceremony which the majority of the crowd bumrushed and indulged in most enthusiastically, basking in the vibes and soaking up the blessings. P1010110.JPG

I stayed safely and securely outside and counted the number of folks I saw that were under the age of 50.
It was a small number but like the energizer bunny, J-Folks just keep going...and going.....and going.......

Next weekend, if you're seeking, the Season should be peaking.

posted by Billy at 15:48 | Kyoto (Japan)