2009- Get It While It's Cold!

A Pop-eyed glance at my calender this morning regretfully informed me that November is out-the-door and this simple fact of course, and unfortunately, heralds the arrival of.....

(duuummmmm da dum dum)

the Holiday Season.

Yes, welcome to the intense, insane, non-stop, harassing pressure from every corner of your world to party hard and work harder, hurry up and wait, smile big and make nice, hook up or shut up and buy, buy, buy, buy and then maybe....buy.

Visiting family this year?

My condolences.

But lest I (or you) slip prematurely into my particular Blue X-mas let's take one last look at the refreshing bounty and beauty of K-Land's Autumn splendor as the Sun sets slowly in the West.


Yes it's Last Call and she's a smokin' hot, deeply drunken Beauty Queen who you been dancing around all night yet haven't gotten even a good whiff of yet but right now she's fully-loaded and got you locked on-target because she just broke up with that special, special Guy mere moments ago and so she desperately needs a strong shoulder to cry on along with some firm reassurance of her sexual attractiveness at least once and for all but just for tonight, especially for one and only you.
In other words- Move fast Brother, 'cuz you ain't never gonna get this shot again!
posted by Billy at 12:28 | Kyoto (Japan)