Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

Last night, to officially close out November,Saitama Arena in Tokyo (sorry K-Fans) hosted a brawl between the forces of Good and Evil, Old and Young, Boxer and Puncher, Fast and Slow.


Guess who won?

Yes, the humble, gallant, gracious and older WBC Flyweight Champion Daisuke Naito put his belt on the line to face the bold, brash, loud-mouthed younger Challenger Koki Kameda in a grudge match destined to settle the score and clean the bad blood.

The Score was settled and Naito-san provided the blood.

It was an ugly evening for the Champion as the younger boxer danced around the aging-before-your-very-eyes Champ salt-and-peppering him with punches and punishing him with a devastating straight Left which the older fighter ate with terrible regularity.
Naito-san, representing all that is right with the world, had no answers to the barrage of blows that he swallowed, looking old, slow and ineffectual as the young Challenger, carrying the flag for the Future, patiently schooled him with his faster fists and feet then coasted to a comfortable victory.

There was no doubt as to the decision after 12 rounds and the fighter's faces very clearly told the tale as the Champ looked as if he just finished shaving with a cement mixer and KK looked like he just got done dancing with his girlfriend.
Youth was most definitely served as KK grabbed his belt and did the dance, as he was entitled to, after his serious beatdown of the Champ leaving all those in the Naito Camp with a bitter taste to go along with a harsh and sobering splash of reality.

It was a sad ending for a brave Samurai Warrior and a cold bucket of water in the face for the upright folks hoping for the Hollywood ending but, fear not, for all is well in J-Land.

'Cuz Hakuho slammed Asashoryu.

posted by Billy at 15:18 | Kyoto (Japan)