Happy New Year Sumo!

In case you hadn't noticed,

IT'S 2010!


And in J-Land that means many things of course but one of the more enjoyable of this New Year's gifts is the Grand Sumo Tournament currently rocking Tokyo's (sorry K-Fans) Ryogoku Kokugikan for the next furious 14 days of single combat throwdowns.

Day One started off with a BANG as all the Ozeki (Top Ranked) Wrestlers dominated their opponents, including a devastating display of power by Kotooshu, before the 2 Yokozuna, the charismatic, controversial Asashoryu and the stoic, rock-solid Hakuho, entered the sacred circle and gave the sell-out crowd, including the Emperor and his Main Lady, their money's worth.

Asa was just a little bit too much Man for the willing but ill-equipped Kotoshogiku and flipped him overboard after a brief struggle in the center of the ring.

Hakuho, on the other hand, ran into a tough scrap (after one false start) with the perhaps suprisingly feisty Kakuryu.

Stay tuned 'cuz this is just the beginning.....
posted by Billy at 11:15 | Kyoto (Japan)