Twenty-Ten Sunshine!

Yesterday (Tues.) was a suprisingly lovely day around these K-Town parts- bright, sunshiney and finally-not-so-desperately cold, so I decided to hike up Mt. Daimonji and celebrate this great gift of January Solar goodness.

The view from the bottom

I was not alone in my celebration.

If you get the chance please take advantage of this almost accommodating climb as it is generally easy for all ages. For Westerners I guarantee that you will be blissfully struck by the outright, open and uncommonly enthusiatic friendliness of everyone you meet going up or down.
Yes, it may be the one and only time of your life in J-Land when perfect strangers actually look directly into your eyes, actually smile, and then proceed to greet you with a hale and hearty-


Don't be startled and please respond because I've been up and down this Mountain about 6 times now and, trust me, this genuinely friendly greeting is the very warm and generous gift given to one and all as well as the very proper Daimonji-Yama etiquette and a wholesome boost of fraternal energy to help you shake a leg!

Along with the peace, calm, fresh air and Mother Nature's goodness it's a bargain at the price.
Yen- 0.

This is the semi-official start of your hike so if you make it to this point you're in the right place!

Yes, I can cheerfully announce that smiles abound on this invigorating trek and I'm not sure if it's the people or the place but I was mighty glad to be on top and I know I wasn't the only one.

Quick shot from the top (and please don't mind the ugly guy talking, I couldn't get him to go away but.....No charge for the music!)

posted by Billy at 14:59 | Kyoto (Japan)