Clash of the Titans

Well Sumo Fans, Day 11 in Tokyo did not disappoint!


Day 10 found the massive (weighing in at 188 kgs. or 414 lbs. for Westerners) Estonian and Gentle Giant Baruto stunning Yokozuna Hakuho and sending him to his 1st setback of the Tourney setting up a much anticipated showdown with the other Yokozuna (there are currently only 2) yesterday.

It was All-Around B-Boy Asashoryu's chance to take on the "Baby Huey" Behemoth and Asa needed a victory to keep pace with Hakuho at 10-1 each.
Baruto was intent on keeping pace himself and so the crowd in Tokyo was buzzing with showdown excitement.

Asa had the fire in his eyes and Baby Huey had his work cut out for him.

Here comes the BOOM!

Say what you will about Asashoryu (and most J-Sumo fans have a lot to say) but Brother, he is rough, tough and hard to bluff!

And am I the only one who thinks he would make a great Bond Villain Henchman?

He's got Charisma!
posted by Billy at 13:58 | Kyoto (Japan)