Wrasslin' for Pride!

Well the New Year's Tournament was a bit anti-climactic as Yokozuna Asashoryo P1010222.JPGconvincingly clinched the Title (along with the Emperors Cup) on the second-to-last day thus making the finale with rival Hakuho a strictly academic exercise.

Yes, Asa sauntered into the ring with the Cup tucked firmly in his back pocket and Hakuho had exactly zero chances for ultimate victory so this one was strictly for Mongolian Pride and to take the measure of a man.

If we can't get along.....then let's get it ON!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Baby!
It was definitely for Pride but check that Phat-Ass knot that Hakuho walked off with in the end.
That wasn't no thank-you notes or coupons in them envelopes, Kid...
that's Cash Money and it ain't funny!

To the Victor belong the spoils!
posted by Billy at 13:46 | Kyoto (Japan)