Just in time for Valentines Day

(OK...OK, or...well......as long as you promise to behave like an Adult)

And as a timely reminder here's the 1st in a series about that most, very special, uniquely Japanese contribution to romance and V-Day-

The Love Hotel.


Ah yes, the indispensible J-Land bridge to many a romantic road, a bridge that always conveys that indefinable combination of convenience, privacy and affordability with just the right touch of illicit charm, secret mystery and Adult naughtiness.

Welcome Lovers both young and old!

This week took us to the mid-priced Hotel Chapel Cinderella located among a cluster of similar romantic establishments in the Okazaki area.
Very vaguely fairy-tale themed, this spanky Love Shack offers a range of amenities at a price many teenagers can afford and most adults would find downright reasonable.

The schedule and price range may seem overly complex but fear not you randy Romeos and Juliets, basically it's about \3000 for 2-3 hours of wall shaking boom-boom (depending on your arrival time) or \6000 if you want to rock the House all night long and please trust me, my Western Friends, this is indeed a bargain around these parts.
For your money you'll get a large, pristine bed/playground, a spotless, absolutely luxurious bath, free movies (but if you actually turn on the TV you probably shouldn't be there in the first place), complimentary condoms, lube and a choice of other additional, vending machine toys you may both enjoy if you happen to bend that way.

I mean that's what I've heard.....I, myself, being old and ugly unfortunately have little knowledge of this wonderful boon to J-Culture but when in Rome........


One final note- Leave the cameras in your pocket until you get to your room as privacy is indeed a priority in this business of Love-Love. As proof of this practice in most of these pleasure palaces you, as valued customers, will never, EVER make any actual eye contact with any Staff entering or exiting and, of course, vice versa!
Why? You may not be asking?

Not sure but.....
My best guess is that it would appear that many of the happy couples who faithfully patronize these oasis' of orgasms (easily spotted in the vicinity by the hand-holding and mutual smiles) happen to be married......but....... not necessarily to each other.

Hence, getting safely, securely In and Out (ouch...sorry) is a BIG selling point.

So, for a refreshing change of scenery-

Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself!
posted by Billy at 16:41 | Kyoto (Japan)