Peachy Keen Jellybean

The temperature currently reads 19 (a very lovely 66 to you Fahrenheiters), the Sun is gloriously beaming, the outdoor air inviting, T-shirts are abundant and so, hopefully and dare I type it, this must certainly hint that Spring has gratefully and graciously sprung!

And following alongside this eternal gift, of course, with the coming of Spring a Young Man's fancy turns to......

The Love Hotel!

This week brings our crack Kyoto Research Team (sorry) to -

La Peche

Located due East and an easy stroll of perhaps 2 minutes from Heian Jingu(and if you can't find Heian Shrine then turn around, get back on the airplane and go home) in Okazaki Park, this convenient Palace of Amour is perfectly situated to serve those restless, randy wanderers who wish to steal away from all the touristic madness of modern life and escape into each others arms......and legs........and........................well, you get the point.

Perfectly capturing all the gaudy splendor of the J-Land Love Hothouse, the Peche (the Peach en Francais) cheerfully announces its open invitations to all in brilliant neon and flashing lights. Its unique features are multiple entrances (for your discretion), twin parking lots (plenty of room for everybody) and I also have solid information that, for you larger than average gentleman, the Peach offers a generously sized condom for your use, pleasure and approval.

And such a bargain!

Yes, hourly or nightly La Peche has a pristine room waiting for you and that special someone to arrive and shake the walls... at a very reasonable price.

Interesting sidenote- As I was photographing the premises for this post a very satisfied couple was making a hasty exit from same. The Gentleman commented to the Lady that perhaps he had forgotten his cell phone inside- "chotto....keitai wasaletta!"- an absolutely unbelievable occurence as in J-Land an average citizen would more likely forget their money before forgetting the cell but I guess she'd most definitely just rocked his world and/or blew his mind!
Now when describing this coosome twosome I don't wish to mention any ages or force anyone to imagine their parents but in the interest of journalistic ethics I must report.....

They were both older than me!

And please trust me Friends and readers, if you're older than me then you are officially ancient.
But, you know something, as they were leisurely strolling away arms entwined I can faithfully note that Old Pops had a smile on his face you couldn't remove without a baseball bat and his Girl was definitely beaming and dreaming.
I sure hope they got the Senior discount!

God Bless J-Land!
posted by Billy at 17:20 | Kyoto (Japan)