The Baseball Gods smile upon us.....kinda, sorta.

Until yesterday I never realized that my post-analog, near rainman-like obsession with reading newspapers would ever bear any positive fruit but, lo and behold, I opened the Sports page only to most unexpectedly discover that the good people from the Daily Yomiuri had treated 4 of us Basesball geeks to some very decent seats for the games of our choice.

That was the Good News. Thanks Daily Yo!
Better News?

The Tix are Tits!
Right behind the plate and absolutely 1st Rate! (and considering that it actually took me longer to text my entry then to complete the Q's and I don't guess it was any different for my other 3 lucky compatriots, it's a baseball windfall indeed)

Less Good News?
Somewhere I miscalculated and thought we were all vying for the Tigers (think Cubs/Red Sox) games but...it turns out the hated Giants (think Yankees) were the only Osaka Dome option and I picked the wrong door.

My bad but there's little sense in looking a gift horse in the mouth so it's off to Osaka to get my drink on and abuse the Legions of uppity Kyo-jin (Giants) fans that will no doubt be in attendance.
You can't beat fun at the old Ballpark!

Go BayStars!

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