The Party Clock is ticking!

I was most graciously enjoying the economic downturn yesterday (hey, somebody has to) along with the perfectly, wonderfully warm, inviting Spring breezes and so I was blissfully carried along to Maruyama Park.


A traditional gathering spot for Young, Old and In-between, the park is a genuine, original K-Land gem centrally located, easily accessed, absolutely free and open to all manners of Hanami Parties
Sakura Season is ON!


This shot was snapped around Noon so as you can see...
It's free but it ain't gonna be easy!

The crowds may have, and likely will, beat you to the Hanami punch but don't be discouraged because, despite appearances and for at least once in your Kyoto Life, there's plenty of room for everybody.
Yes, K-Towners get there early, often, ready, willing and definitely most able to Party!

A better time cannot be found (not with your pants on anyway) anywhere else inside the City Limits in this very Cherry Blossomy time of the year but as you may be able to tell by the pics, you have to move fast because the Season (both Party and Cherry) is fleeting so fire up your cameras, oil up your smile, lace up your drinking shoes and dive in!

It's come-one,come-all and get in where you fit in so don't be shy or overwhelmed because (and I almost never say this in J-Land) no one else is and big happy smiles are everywhere.

And I sincerely don't wish to crush anyone's buzz but if you're reading this you might already be too late so your Standing Orders are-

1. Drop what you're doing...NOW!

2. Gather your Posse.

3. Obtain food, booze and whatever else makes you happy.

4. Double-Time over to Maruyama.

5. Hit it, don't quit it and don't stop 'till you get enough!

You're Welcome.

posted by Billy at 17:40 | Kyoto (Japan)