Well, faithful readers and bold adventurers, all good things must come to an end so please join in as Team Kyoto bids farewell to this year's wondrous Cherry Blossom beauty.


This was after Midnight on a gorgeous Saturday Night Time at Maruyama Park and these were the only lights still shining, the blissed out crowds still drawn to the splendor like Sakura moths to their very last flame.

The food stalls were shut, the shops shuttered, the lights dim, the adults had gone home for the evening and rowdy, reckless, heedless, glorious Youth was served.
Mobs of partiers had the run of the park and the cops wisely stayed at a safe distance like grateful squirrels at a hungry Lion party.

You gotta love J-Land.

Yesterday the skies opened up and poured buckets all day and half the night so if there's any Blossoms remaining around these parts they're certainly, and only, to be found on the ground.

Adios, Sweet Season and thanks!

posted by Billy at 10:10 | Kyoto (Japan)