We are Devo!

On our last lovely Thursday Team Kyoto thought it might be wise to finally visit the renowned Kyoto Manga Musuem



A former elementary school transformed into a stately house of worship for all things Manga.

Easy to get to, affordably priced (\500), accessible to all and user-friendly, this interactive space is a comfortable home away from home to all formerly closeted Comic Book aficionados everywhere.

A celebration of the contribution from the French

And, as an added attraction, on Thursday we accidently wandered into one of the most uniquely bizarre (and arguably original) of J-Land phenomenons-

Short for "Costume Play" Cosplay devotees dress in the outfits (uniforms?) of their favorite Animae characters and then.....


I don't know.

Take photos of each other?
Because that was the only activity on the menu for that sunny afternoon as the Cosplayers vigorously engaged themselves in an non-stop flurry of Kawai posing, idiot grinning and shutter snapping in an all-out, geeked-up, masturbatory photographic frenzy.

I, myself, unfortunately do not speak SuperNerd so I was unable (praise all Gods) to communicate with this most rare sub-species of J-Land Youth.

Good News?
The costumed crowd was about 99.9% female, most of same under the age of 30.
Bad News?
The costumed crowd was about 99.9% female, roughly half of which dressed as......a...... type of male.

So, you do the math but suffice to say that heterosexual Men were not strictly on this breed's list of party requirements and, although I made no official inquiries, visual evidence suggested that very, very few were in attendance and those lonely soldiers were about as welcome at this event as the Flu.

But those gregarious gals in costume weren't about to let a little thing like procreation slow them down!
I guess if you wanted to join in you had to bring your own get-up then pay a small charge for use of their lockers to.....wait for it.......


So, as always in J-Land, if you happen to be a socially retarded adolescent or evolutionary reject whose life's goal and biggest fantasy is to dress in a pink, day-glo dress, a green wig, and heavy make-up while wielding a plastic toy sword as the other dweebs flock around you and beam....

Welcome to Japan!

And who knows...maybe the After-Party RAWKED!

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