Good Day.....Sunshine!

What can I say (type)?

Every Once-in-a-Lifetime an Artist creates a vibe of such energy and Emotion that we all stand back and gaze in rapturous Awe/Wonder.

Every 3rd Blue Moon a breakout Performance completely captures all that is Good, Vital, Righteous and Cool in this Game we call L*I*F*E.

Yea...Sometimes someone just comes along and RINGS YOUR BELL, Baby!

And sometimes (praise 'em) they get it On Camera.

So Ladies and (especially) Gentlemen, today I give you the lovely gift of Shiori Kutsuna (Straight out of J-Land, Kid) Shakin' that MoneyMaker for Pocky Sticks!


And for you Older Gentlemen.....yea.......it's OK if you feel just a bit pervy right now but please try not to think those thoughts when you're looking at my Future Ex-Wife.

Thank you.

And May the Gods Bless J-Land and all their glorious CM's (commercials to you)!
posted by Billy at 15:23 | Kyoto (Japan)