Got Ramen if you want it!

You say it's not exactly Ramen Season right now?

I might agree (although for most J-Folks Ramen is a 4 Season Dig) as I prefer my hot noodles when the wind is blowing cold but.....

A kind Neighbor (Thanks Marika-san) and I were recently comparing Noodle Notes and she (with Gold Stars and Smiley Faces) highly recommended,-



And so Team Kyoto hustled down (up) to Kita-Shirakawa, grabbed some seats and got our Ramen on.

A genuine K-Land Original, Tonryu, turned out to be a treat it ain't gonna be easy to beat!

Cozy, comfortable, spacious and serene the efficient Staff delivers the Goods with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficiency that is sure to ring your Ramen bell!

P1010555.JPG (don't forget the Gyoza)

And the Bill won't hurt you either as everything on the menu is very reasonably priced.

Since first visiting 3 weeks ago the Team has landed on the Tonryu's shores on several occasions (due to the somewhat unseasonably cool nighttime weather around here) and always to our great satisfaction.

Each time we've been there they bring it-

And if there's a better Ramen formula than that, I've yet to discover it.

This may be a rather unique Kyoto Delight as, for example, their Chu-ka Soba(Chinese noodles)
definitely favors a more super-fresh, clean, subtle and perhaps milder flavor than your average Run-of-the-mill Ramen emporium which may lean towards a more spicy, oily, semi-greasy, smack-you-in-the-face style.
This Ramen soooooooothes.

And please trust me I'm into Spicy but Tonryu's wholesome noodle goodness will no doubt please your more Adult palate and leave you satisfied spiritually as well as physically.
Please be warned the Servings around there are on the smallish side so don't be shy about asking for "Kaedama" (an extra helping of noodles only) if you're not completely full at the bottom of your Bowl, it's a bargain and the gracious Staff don't mind!
If you require more grub than that then.......
Slow down, Oprah! You've had enough!

Word to the Wise-
Not so conveniently located, Tonryu might be a haul if you aren't in the area and when we made it last Sunday Night the Joint was jumping like Grand Central Station but don't let that discourage you because they got plenty of seats and an Army of Chefs whipping up the Goods at a ferocious rate so that your stay there will absolutely be stress-free, easy-as-pie and with no waiting.

Your belly feeling lonely?
They got the Deeelicious Company!
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