Love Shack, Bay-a-Beeee!

Yes, it's hot, it's steamy, sultry, sweaty so you must be in the mood for.....


So in our continuous quest to locate the Perfect Palace of Passion, Team Kyoto recently stumbled across-



Basically directly North of Sanjo and due East of Shirakawa this somewhat upscale rendezvous make take a few minutes of twists and turns and a false start or two before you actually arrive on its private, somewhat secluded shores but will likely be just what your Doctor ordered at a price that is proper for your whopper.
She will undoubtably feel relaxed, refreshed and pleasantly pleased by Sari's comfortable yet refined elegance and You will certainly enjoy the relative splendor of the Hotel's almost luxurious beds set inside their mostly spacious, tastefully decorated rooms allowing maximum freedom and plenty of space to stretch out after you two do the voodoo that you do so well.

One very special attraction for you TV Fans-
The Hotel offers the standard list of J-Land AV (Adult Video) Channels (in case you lack creativity or just need a breather) but also provides the intriguing bonus of an all Jules Jordan Channel!
For those in the dark J. Jordan is an All-American Porn Producer(and sometimes Performer) and, in our Research Team's humble opinion, his production Company currently makes the very highest quality Entertainment available in today's, admittedly shallow, ocean of Adult Spice.
Gonzo (no storylines), Natural lighting, Fun Fetish Gear, Beeyooooteeful Girls, and good, clean (dirty?) All-American Fun are the ingredients in the Jordan oeuvre and they consistently deliver the Baddest of Bads that ought to put at least some ideas into your naughty little minds and some spark into your.....hearts.


Don't know how or why the Management at Sari choose this channel for your particular pleasure but, WELL DONE Sirs!


The Hotel also has a fairly extensive Menu and they will deliver to your doorstep promptly but I might suggest enjoying your Dinner before you arrive as the food is average in every way.
It won't knock the smile off your face but.....why take chances.

I you happen to be driving they offer a spacious, free-of-charge parking lot and if you're hiking they have three (3) convenient, and very private, entrances.

Beat that Heat with some of your own Boom-Boom!

Summer.....Love, it doesn't get any better.

posted by Billy at 14:15 | Kyoto (Japan)