Another Day at the Beach...

Well, sorry K-Fans but President Obama (my fellow Yankees may refer to him as the ObamaLama*) recently got me on the horn and requested that Team Kyoto jet down Okinawa way to assist in any way possible in alleviating any lingering tensions that may yet exist between our 2 great Nations.
(You may or may not have heard but due to reasons both historical and present-day, it appears that certain Americans in Uniform are much less than welcome on the Island)

So our elite Team of Negotiaters flew down to shake hand, slap backs, pour drinks and smooth any ruffled feathers but I'll be damned if we could make any headway despite, or perhaps because of, our best efforts so we got tired of banging our heads against the wall and decided instead to hit the Beach!


Sure The Prez was less than pleased to hear the news but he's just so damn cool he took it in stride and assured me he wouldn't hold it against us.

At least I think he did.....

We frolicked, snorkeled, bodysurfed and generally made merry before repairing to some of OkiWowa's finest Izakayas and downing heroic amounts of Orion beer and Awamori shochu.

We also motored over to a tiny spit of sand off the shore for some private beach time.


This is the Big Island from there.


What can I say.....
If you can't have fun over there...

Check your pulse 'cuz you may be dead.

And I also got to meet

The Girl from Okinawa!

dee de dee, dee deee de dee dee de, dee dedee,,,c'mon you know the song.

All's well that ends well!

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