Beer Garden Anyone?

Yes, K-Town is currently in the grips of its typical sweltering Summer Heatwave (A/C's pumping non-stop, folding fans swinging everywhere, towels preferred choice of male headgear, etc.)
so on Sat. night Team Kyoto joined a rowdy crew of coolbreeze surfers/Brew aficionados and rode that heatwave into-

The Shin Hankyu Hotel Beer Garden


You want convenient Location? OK.
Locate Kyoto Station, go to the Central exit closest to the Buses, lift your head up then look across the street to the left of Kyoto Tower.
Walk across the street and in about 30 seconds, congratulations 'cuz you're there!

We bumrushed the joint with a gang of 20 on Saturday and if you decide to visit on weekends reservations are highly recommended as our Crew had made them well in advance yet still encountered an annoying redtape delay at the rooftop entrance as the somewhat overwhelmed seating coordinator struggled to get his bearings while scores of thirsty customers with cash in hand waited patiently in an uncomfortably sweaty bottleneck before Mr. Magoo finally got in the game and got the line moving.
(Don't know why but we can't blame this one on the language barrier as I was the one and only non-Japanese on the roof)

(if you made it this far...you're IN)

But onto the Good News which was very, very Swell-


The Grub was fresh, abundant, tasty and, of course, All-You-Can-Eat!
And eat we did.


The Beer was draft and icy-cold delicious and the good people at Hankyu were also serving just about any Adult Beverage your little heart could desire-

(My man Sang at the wheel and in control)

Chu-Hi, shochu. wine, whiskey, if you wanted to drink it, they had it and served it up CHILLY!

(your humble reporter engaged in diligent research)

While the rooftop space may not be anything to write home about, the all-natural, beautifully cool and satisfying breezes blowing through the smiling faces on Sat Night must surely have been sent by the Weather Gods and a more relaxed, satisfied and blissful crowd would've been difficult to find outside of your bedroom.

(Gangtas talkin' Gangsta Shit)

Hankyu has a sliding scale for the Garden so we paid 3900yen for the evenings festivities but all-in-all I'd consider it a K-Town bargain and I'm damn sure everyone else did too and while we had the slight delay to begin, closing time was handled graciously as everyone drank leaisurely past 10 then filed out in a relaxed, happy fashion. having ate and drunk their fill and laughed away the heat.

Beer, Booze, Eats and Lively Vibes.....

Go get you some!

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