Rainy Season

Today the rain is coming down in sheets and the sky is a somber battleship grey. This most likely announces the beginning of "Rainy Season" in Kyoto, approximately 3 three weeks of almost non-stop downpour that tests the mind, body and soul.

It tests the mind as you wake up everyday to the same slate grey sky and eventually begin to wonder if the Sun, or your smile, will ever reappear.

It tests the body while honing your bicycling reflexes to razor sharpness as you desperately clutch your handlebars in your right hand, your umbrella in your left, pedal furiously and squint into the wall of water while you weave like a drunken sailor through maniacal traffic, elbow-to-elbow sidewalk crowds, grannies flashing and splashing past you on
scooters, ubiquitous taxis threatening your life in their pursuit of the hard earned yen, all while feeling like a character in "Blade Runner" even on a short ride to the Konbini (convenience store) which can always turn into a soaking wet adventure.

And it tests your soul as surely as it tests your new, daily and worn out "uniform" of raingear and your brand new identity as "Umbrella Man"- he of the mighty power that can walk through water!

The Good News?

Lush greenery everywhere you care to look will soon be an everyday treat.

Near constant rain can make certain "indoor activities" even more fun than they might normally be.

In one week I'll be winging my way to Okinawa where the Sun will be shining and the beaches inviting.

So let the skies open up!
posted by Billy at 17:42 | Weather