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Please excuse the break from the action but, as I type these words, a Typhoon (T4 to be exact) is bearing down on Kyoto and I thought perhaps this meteorological event deserved some space on these pages. Now when I write Typhoon I realize that you may be forming an image in your mind of angry winds powerful enough to blow your dog away, brick heavy rain pouring down like a waterfall, violent waves crashing and smashing into the shore, raging floods washing away cars and houses, etc・tc・.etc・・/SPAN>

What is actually happening here during the terrible onslaught of T4?


Right now it's raining・・..slightly. No, no, no・・wait・・・・sorry, it stopped.


For about 3 days now we've been assaulted by constant news reports concerning the terror that will be T4 plowing it's destructive path through Okinawa and hurtling headlong toward Kyoto and・・OOM! If you were paying attention to the television you would've believed THE END IS NEAR or at least that Godzilla was on the way, instead we got a tepid little storm that may/may not force us to・・GASP・HANG ON・・.OPEN OUR UMBRELLAS!

Oh, how I wish I could relay dramatic tales of Man vs. Nature and heroic struggles against forces greater than any imagined・・・・・・・・・・ but it just ain't happening folks. I climbed Mt. Daimonji yesterday and the most dramatic thing to happen was that my shoes got a little muddy.

That's about par for Typhoons in this part of the country.

Please understand that I have no wish to tempt the Weather Gods but this is now the 3rd Typhoon I've experienced in Kyoto and to call it an experience is an insult to experiences everywhere.

Here is my completely unsolicited advice to my fellow Kyoto Citizens-


We are surrounded on 3 sides by beautiful, friendly mountains and we are a long, LONG way from any ocean. We are the least likely victims of any weather calamity in this entire nation. Come on out from under your bed, the Typhoon is NOT coming to get you any time soon and maybe never!

Ahem・・・・・sorry about that.

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