Sake And The Heavyweight Champ



The Heavyweight Champ

First let's discuss what many foreigners may believe is the Original and National Drink of Japan- Sake!

I would need a few thousand words to even outline the choices you have when picking Sake over here as the variety is truly mind boggling. Suffice to say this, whenever I ask my sake drinking J-friends for a good recommendation they, pause, roll their eyes and laugh then usually say something along the lines of, “There's soooo many!・/FONT>

Historically Sake has a long, rich, wonderful tradition that remains in place today and it is still a popular choice when dining out (especially during the cold winter months when Hot Sake is a real treat) but somewhat sadly, like many older traditions, Sake is slowly losing its grip as the drink of choice. The taste of most sake's is slightly strong and not so
subtle and many foreigners- and younger Japanese- simply do not prefer it. Although, as a side note, I must mention that many younger and older J-Girls firmly believe that Sake gives you clear flawless skin and who am I to argue? So Ladies, pay heed if you are concerned about your complexion, Sake may be what the Doctor ordered.

Also, unfortunately, when taken in large quantities Sake carries with it a wicked, whiskey-like morning hangover which perhaps most of the younger generation do not find conducive to their busy lifestyles and work schedules.

Having said that I will add that the cheaper brands are still for sale in most vending machines although you may find the only people buying these are close to retirement age. God bless 'em.

But while in Kyoto if you are feeling beverage adventurous please try-




Two local brands that I have been assured (Thanks Yurikochan!) will satisfy both your palate and your wallet.

And please remember, when out drinking you can always and easily order Hot Sake simply by asking for same (pronounced- Hoo toe sah Ke) and will undoubtedly be brought and served a fine house selection. Kampei!

Finally, we arrive at my (and most of the Nation's) current favorite, sublime elixir and reigning Heavyweight Champion of Japan- LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR THE ONE AND ONLY, THE KING OF ROCK-N-ROLL, JAPANS OWN ORIGINAL SOUL BROTHER # 1-


Oops, sorry・otta run.

Until next time・・・・
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