The Reigning Heavyweight Champ

Yes, in this Great Nation there is truly only one adult beverage that stands out over all, one drink that is universally loved, one drink that has a devotion unmatched by its rivals- that sauce?


To describe its delights would take too much space. To count its varieties would require heavy research. To properly give credit to its gifts would demand a much greater writer.

A brief description- a clear alcohol distilled from quite a lot of sources.

One of the many delights of Shochu is its variety-

There is Imo (potato) a rather strong smelling brew that is delicious and satisfying but for some reason is mostly imbibed by the senior set, traditional Japanese are said to be somewhat off put by the aroma of Imo although I find it quite pleasant.

There is Mugi (barley) a much friendlier tasting and looking choice. Very popular with young and old alike and most delicious not to mention satisfying.

And there are the more rare distillations

Soba (buckwheat) a clean, fresh and tasty version.

Shiso (plum leaf) a truly unique and lovely choice. Wonderful scent and a big hit with the ladies.

Goma (sesame) not so popular but gaining slowly.

And I am probably missing a few.

The Champ is enormously popular both Summer (omizuwari- with ice and water) and Winter (urewari- hot water) and molds itself perfectly to the modern Japanese lifestyle.

It is fresh, fun, affordable, convenient, delicious and satisfying.

As a very popular side note most Japanese will claim that drinking
Shochu is basically risk free-meaning it leaves no hangover, clearly
benefiting the hectic J-work schedule- and after long hours of research I
can attest to the fact that this is・・・mostly true.

Even heroic intakes of the Shochu of your choice will leave one with
quite a mild morning・perhaps a bit of a headache but certainly nothing
unmanageable and quite a pleasant change from other Adult Spirits.

So when in Rome・・・・・.




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