Feel the Heat Part II

A solid week has passed but the heat wave hasn't. Although we got some pretty heavy showers over the past few days, the rain, while welcome, did little to alleviate the heat and may have even added to the Humidity.

Well my tan is coming along fine and I (like most others I imagine) have lost 2 kgs. bringing me down to my fighting weight of 68. I feel slimmer than I have in months and faster than I have in years. When you got lemons, you just gotta make lemonade! Alas all good things will most likely come to an end soon as the Weather Studs are promising conditions most
cloudy and filled with rain for the next week or so along with a subsequent drop in temperature.

We'll see because that's what they said last week too.

My tip for the day- Put a bottle of water in the freezer before going to bed and in the morning you'll have a frozen treat that will provide you with ice cold water all day long no matter how hot it gets.

And keep your beer COLD!
posted by Billy at 11:20 | Weather