The Dragons are Breathing Fire!

Well it was a quick knockout last night When Chunichi started off the festivities by scoring a touchdown in the bottom of the 1st inning. 7-0 was the bad news for the Fighters, who barely escaped the first frame, and the very good news for the fans in Nagoya.

While it was most definately over early Ochia's Crew continued to beat up on Nippon Ham's pitching staff and eventually it ended in an ugly 9-1 old fashioned Ass Kicking! Chunichi is now in the drivers seat with a 2-1 lead in the series and 2 games to go at home.
The Blue Crew are looking relaxed and confident while the Fighters, uncharacteristically, seem uptight and generally out of order.

Manager Trey Hillman has, now, certainly got his work cut out for him and it will be uphill all the way. The Hamster offense, if it can be accurately called that, has been nonexistent thus far in the Series and lineup changes appear to be in order. Hopefully Hillman has his eyes on the prize and isn't daydreaming about his next job in Kansas City because the Hamsters definately need all hands on deck.

Tonights the night and the Dragons look ready to spank some Hamster tail.

Let's see if the Fighters live up to their name.

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