It’s Rocktober…..and it is ON!

It is now Oct. and that means only one thing to this red-blooded Ex-Pat: It’s time for the Nippon Series!

Yes, The Playoffs were Ugly (think Tigers, bounced in 2 and never really in either game), Beautiful (the Hamsters wild sprint to the finish, capped by a scintillating game 5 performance in Sapporo by awesome Ace, Yu Darvish) and Righteous (the best teams won with Ochia-san and his scrappy Dragons moving on to face down the formidable Champ from last year, Nippon Ham) including the Best news of all!

The Giants were spanked by Ochia’s Chunichi Crew in a clean sweep. To add insult to injury, they suckerpunched the Yomiuri’s in their own House! And to make it even better, Hara-san was completely outwitted for the short length of the Series by that cagey Buddha of Baseball, Hiromitsu Ochia. Yes the Giants were indeed a fearsome bunch this year but the Dragons crashed their party and sent them home early with their Tokyo tails between their legs.

Thank you Gods of Baseball!

Now onto the Picks.

It’s awfully difficult not to take the Hamsters. That team thrives on momentum and right now they’ve got plenty to go along with, for my money, the Top Gunslinger in Japan- Right hander, Darvish. In addition, their Gai-jin Manager, Trey Hillman, has officially decided to move to the Majors next year and so I am sure that his boys want very much to give him a proper going away present.

Logic be damned, I’m going with the Dragons in 7. They’ve demonstrated admirable Spirit, plenty of Fight, solid Defense and just enough Hitting all the way through the Playoffs and they’ve got a pretty tough Righty of their own, Kawakami (maybe the 2nd best pitcher in J-land) so here’s hoping they can win 4 more and Ochia-san can bring the trophy home to Nagoya.

See you in Sapporo on Saturday Night!

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