Feel the Heat part III

For those of us that haven't noticed, and apparently many haven't as evidenced by the half-empty stands and lackluster crowds, The IAAF World Track & Field Championship is currently running in Osaka but not quite running fast enough (as of this writing not a single WR has been set so far) for the sparse T&F fans in Kansai. My J-friends have also been keenly
disappointed by the Japanese Athletes being soundly trounced in all their events and completely shut out at the medal stand.

But let's accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and not mess with Mr. In-Between!

Highlights thus far

The Men's Hammer Throw competition

Unfortunately Murofushi, Koji was unable to defend his crown as Champion but the competition was scintillating all the way, showcasing truly Superman strength, power and guts. Primoz Kozmus (and how's that for a cool name?) from Slovakia looked to have everything locked with an incredible toss of over 82 meters on his 1st effort. Although several of the Strongmen, including Murofoshi-san, flipped it over the 80 meter mark
regularly no one appeared ready to approach Kozmus・Herculean 82.2.

And then Ivan Tsikhan from Belarus dramatically stepped into the circle on his final attempt and unleashed an awesome heave of 83.6, effectively blowing the rest of a grand field away.

All of the Athletes should be proud of their effort and Tsikhan should be able to savor this one for a long time.

Women's Long Jump

Don't know what them Russian Gals are eating but Brother it must be good for your hops. They finished 1,2,and 3 sweeping the competition and sending a strong message of domination to the rest of the field.

Women's Shot Put

Here's all I'm going to say- Valerie Vili from New Zealand launched that rock 20.54. to win it all.


Men's 100 meter

The glamour event did not disappoint as Tyson Gay from the USA schooled the larger, more muscular Asafa Powell. Gay hit the afterburner at the 60 meter mark and blew Powell's doors off as Asafa folded up his cards and settled for a disappointing 3rd.

Women's Pole Vault

OK. OK, I don't know anything about vaulting with poles but, let me tell you something, I know what I like.

And Russia's Yelena Isinbayeva powering down the runway in skintight, short, SHORT shorts. ME LIKE!

Oh, yea. She also won the event by the way.
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